Microblading is a manual, semi-permanent method.  Also referred to as embroidery, 3D brows, microstroking or brow resurrection it yields natural, crisp strokes that resemble hair. It is done by hand, using a very fine blade to deposit a small amount of ink into the skin.  Manually done, microblading looks like hair. It is considered semi-permanent and lasts 1-3 years. Less invasive than the permanent method, it rivals the look of real eyebrows.

During this unique technique the pigment is applied with a pencil tool that has a fixed small blade with many disposable needles. The needles are three times thinner than those used in machines, while the depth of the pigment ingection does not reach the deepest layr of dermis. Thus, an effect of extremely fine and natural looking hair is achieved. 

Regular touch ups are recommended to keep the strokes crisp and fresh. Healthy skin, without any underlying pathological factors usually requires a top up every six to eight months. This, of course varies greatly from individual to individual.