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Brow After Care 


After care is crucial, it is very important to follow these instructions for the full 7 day healing period to ensure proper healing and color retention. Results will vary for all individuals and we can not guarantee your results.


Let your brow tattoo DRY HEAL for 7 days after the procedure. No water. No sweating. No picking what so ever. 


At night, moisturize your brow tattoo as needed with the After Care Healing Balm for the next 2 weeks when ever they feel dry or tight. Less is more, just a very small amount. 


DO NOT expect your brow tattoo to heal perfectly after the first session. This is a 2 step, sometimes multiple step process. 


BE PATIENT during your 2 week healing process, your brows will change and appear different from day to day, THIS IS NORMAL.


Immediately after your procedure brows will appear darker and more defined and this will last up to 2 weeks . Your brow tattoo can appear more solid, hair strokes may seem to disappear and it may look wet and painted on. THIS IS NORMAL.


Around days 4-5 you will experience scabbing and your brows may look dry and flakey. DO NOT PICK your scabs, let them fall off naturally. If scabbing comes off prematurely, missing hair stokes will result and cause patchy brows.


Your brow tattoo will take up to 4-6 weeks to fully heal. When the scabbing comes off the hair strokes may seem faint, this is because a fresh layer of skin has healed over the brow tattoo. Give your brows a few weeks and the hair strokes should resurface.  


You may experience itchiness in the brows after 10 days and up to 2 months because of the healing of the epidermal layer. 


Not everyones brows can heal clean and crisp. Hairstrokes for oilier skin types tend to heal more solid and powdery while drier skin types tend to heal more crisp and defined. 


DO NOT go on any sunny vacations and avoid the tanning booth while healing! Excessive UV exposure will alter the pigment of your tattoo. 

DO NOT use laser light therapy on your brow tattoo. This can darken, lighten, and distort the pigment.

DO NOT run direct water on your brow tattoo. This is crucial for the first few days! You don't want to wash out any pigment.

DO NOT use cleansers, soaps or any other creams on your brow tattoo. Wash around the area using a cleaning cloth or makeup wipe. 

DO NOT use Vaseline, neosporin, and petroleum based products on your tattoo.

DO NOT apply any makeup on your brows for 2 weeks.

DO NOT use exfoliants, retinol acids, or AHA’s on the area for 30 days after the appointment, it will fade your tattoo prematurely.

DO NOT exercise and sweat for 7 days. Sweating may infect, discolour, or prematurely fade your brow tattoo. 

DO NOT go into sauna’s, pools, and steam rooms.

DO NOT get massages, facials, or skin treatments during the healing process.


This is a 2 step process. The first session is used to build shape and gain symmetry. The second session is used to perfect the brows and add density. 


The first touch-up or second session is done within the first 6-8 weeks after the first session. 


It is your responsibility to book your touch up appointments. With the high demand we recommend booking this at the same time as your initial appointment.


Do not expect perfect results after the first session.

Some client’s skin may have a harder time retaining pigment and may require additional sessions.  


There is no guarantee of results, everyone’s results will vary due to skin type, lifestyle, and the initial 7 day care and longterm care of your brow tattoo.


Use at least SPF 50 to protect your brows, sun exposure will cause fading and can alter the color of your tattoo.


Do not use chemical exfoliants on the brows, this will case the brows to fade faster.


Do not do laser your brow area (IPL etc), some lasers may change the color of the ink.


As the tattoo fades the strokes will get fainter and less defined. 


Maintenance is required to maintain desired results. Touchups are done on average every 12-18 months to maintain you brow tattoo. Some clients even may prefer to come every 6 months. This will be different for everyone. 


Cosmetic tattooing typically last 1-3 years. 

Eyeliner After Care


Immediately after the procedure, the eyelids will be slightly swollen. Because of the swelling, the eyeliner will appear to be much thicker and can appear to be distorted. The colour will appear to be extremely dark, even when soft colors are used. In 2-3 days, the liner will be reduced to the desired thickness and the colour will lighten as the healing process progresses. Full healing is complete within 4-6 weeks. After that, your final color and shape can be assessed and touched up if necessary.


Following the procedure, you can expect any of the following: mild to moderate swelling, redness, bruising and bloodshot eyes. If the swelling persists beyond 48 hours or becomes worse, or if the eyes become inflamed (red, itchy, watery, etc.) please seek medical attention. Please call us if this happens. This is a very rare occurrence, but it can develop in patients with extremely sensitive eyes.


Remember, place nothing on the treated area (except your aftercare product) until healed. This this means no makeup, creams, water (except for cleansing as detailed below), etc.


After your procedure, your skin will start forming a protective scab. You may see fluid or ooze on the skin from lymph secretion. The fluid should be dabbed and blotted off with a sterile gauze pad. It can crust the skin over and prevent it from breathing and healing. 


After 24 hours, clean the treated area daily with mild warm water and non-alcohol soap. Apply soapy solution on a sterile gauze and blot 4 to 5 times to clean. Then blot completely dry. Use patting motions only. No Scrubbing. No rubbing. No wiping. No scratching. Make sure the area is completely dry because germs love moisture!   


In the morning, if eyes are stuck together, use a wet Q-tip and gently separate. Do not rub, peel or pick. Follow instructions for cleaning and for aftercare product application.


Apply the provided aftercare product on the clean and dry treated areas. Place the product on the scabs that are beginning to form. You should apply 2 to 4 times daily until completely healed. If you place the product on the area and it is not dry, this may cause irritation or an infection, and could lead to color loss.


Please apply the aftercare product gingerly and don’t cake it on. However, try to cover the protective scabs completely. Try to put it directly on the scabs. The skin must be able to breathe to heal. Too much product may actually fade the pigment. It is specifically meant to put on the scabs and to keep them soft so they stay on longer. Pat, and do not rub, the ointment on the area with a with a Q-tip. If you put too much on, then blot off the excess ointment with a sterile gauze.


If your scabs become hard and rope-like, they can fall off in big chunks and take the ink with them. Soft scabs that flake off on their own are the key to successful ink retention. Do not try to rush the scab-flaking process.


You can stop using ointment when you have no more scabs. This can last 4 to 10 days, but sometimes as long as 14 days. It is hard to say because people have different healing periods.  

Do not use saline eye drops or mascara until healed 14 days. Do not use old tubes of mascara.  Replace old tubes with new ones. Old eye makeup can contaminate wounds.


Do not wear contact lenses after the procedure for 24 hours.


Day 1. The eyes will be swollen and sore, like you have been crying, with a heavier eye makeup look. For the first 3-4 days, the color is darker than it will appear when healed.

Day 2. The eyelids are swollen for a few hours after waking up, and your makeup will still look heavy.

Day 3. Swelling decreases but is not gone entirely. There is a tight feeling to your treated area. The top layers of skin begin to lift away. The soreness will become less as the treated area begins to exfoliate. A rough texture appears on the skin.

Day 4. There is a pinching feeling to your treated area. Some itching is normal as the skin begins to flake. When the eyeliner area begins to exfoliate, do not pick at it!

Day 5. Colour is somewhat grayish and will take a few more days to clarify to full color. The pigmented area begins to shrink and soften in size and colour over the next few days. As exfoliation completes, the color will appear a bit frosty; this will clarify in a few days.

Day 6. The color has lightened from its initial overly-dark appearance. For the next few days, the color may now be lighter than what the final color will be.

Day 10. The final color begins to stabilize and show through. The color will continue to soften as the healing process completes.


Lip Blush After Care


Do not consume caffeine or alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Do not take Advil or other blood thinners such as Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, etc before your appointment unless medically necessary or prescribed by a medical professional. If concerned please ask your doctor/medical professional before undergoing this procedure. 

Avoid exercising the day of your appointment.

Do not get any laser treatments, chemical peels or other cosmetic procedures at least 4 weeks before your appointment.

Do not get lip injections or botox (around the area) at least 4 weeks before or after your appointment.

Please be aware that if you have the herpes simplex virus, you may experience a breakout following this treatment. It is highly recommended that you reach out to your medical professional and take an anti-viral medication such as Zivorax, Acyclovir, Famciclovir or Valacyclovir 5 days prior to your appointment, the day of appointment and 5 days following or as advised by your doctor/pharmacist. If you are experiencing an outbreak of cold sores on the day of your appointment the procedure can not be done that day. 


Day 1. 

The area will feel a bit sore. There may be some swelling & minor bruising that only lasts for a couple of days.


The colour of the tattoo will darken as scabs begin to form. The scabs will fall off within 3-10 days depending on how your skin heals.


Fluids may leak from the tattoo. You do not want these fluids to sit on your tattoo. You will want to wipe your tattoo every hour with a wet cotton round and pat the area dry. 


You may apply a cold compress to your lips + take Advil to help with the swelling. 


Day 2-10. 

Do not touch your tattoo with dirty fingers, remember it is an open and healing wound. 


Don't get your tattoo too wet. It will make the scabs soggy and fall off prematurely. You want to keep the scabs on for as long as you can, let them fall off naturally.


Moisturize with the provided ointment. Moisturize as often as you like. It is best to keep your lips extremely hydrated. 


Avoid harsh cleansers, creams, makeup, or any other products on the treated area until all the scabs have naturally fallen off. 


Don’t pick, scratch or bite off the scabs. Let the scabs fall off naturally. Picking can cause scarring, loss of pigment, or an infection.


Do not expose your tattoo to UV rays or tanning beds for 4 weeks after the procedure. 


Do not sweat on the tattoo until all the scabs have come off naturally. Sweat can breakdown the pigment from your tattoo. 


Do not get any facials, Botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks post appointment date.


Once the scabs have completely fallen off, you may apply makeup over the area and return back to your normal routine. 


Please note, after the scabs come off your tattoo may have a milky/grey hue to it. This just means that the surface skin is healed but the underneath layers still need time to heal. 


The complete healing process takes 6 weeks. It is only after 6 weeks that a touchup to the tattoo can be done. Healed results will vary with each individual and are extremely dependant on your skin and how you care for your tattoo during healing. 


It may take more than one session to achieve your desired result.



It is strongly recommend that you do not use any of the following on your tattoo: Benzoyl Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycolic Acid, ACV, Vitamin E+C, and Retinol. These products can fade your tattoo faster.


UV rays can deteriorate the pigment and lighten the tattoo faster. Use sunscreen on your lips.


Salt water and chlorine can also deteriorate the pigment faster as well. Rinse with water after contact. 


If you are having any laser or facial beauty treatments please inform your technician before procedures that you have a permanent makeup tattoo.


If you have oily skin, an iron deficiency, or a very strong immune system, your pigment may not last as long and will not heal as crisp as others.


This treatment does fade after 1-3 years depending on your skin and lifestyle. Touch-ups are necessary to maintain the longevity and overall beauty of your tattoo.

The information contained in this document is not intended to offer or imply medical advice. Please consult your physician regarding any medical questions.

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