Cosmetic tattooing, is also referred to as semi-permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation. This implanting process of color pigment beneath the surface of the skin by means of tiny, sterile, disposable needles to construct the appearance of hair strokes only to enhance the natural countenance of the face. 

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to register

Next course date is any 2 days of your choice in Kelowna BC.

If you are not paying in full a $250 Non-refundable & Transferable deposit is required to reserve your seat in the class.


Please call , email or text Leanne and she will take a Credit Card or e-transfer to hold the deposit and to register for class. Cell number 778.821.1384 

Remaining Balance of $3250 must be paid the first day of class at registration either cash, EMT or credit card. 

earning potential
Average Cost of the Procedure  $400

Weekly Income Based on 6 Clients/Week  $2400
Annual Income $115,200
*Numbers are based on national average and will vary depending on location, clientele size, marketing, etc.


Course Cost: $3500
Includes: Training guide, starter kit & certification.
Small Group Sessions
Please pack a lunch for each day. 

A $250 Non-refundable & Transferable Deposit is required to reserve your spot in the class.

Please call or message Leanne and she will take a Credit Card or e-transfer to hold the deposit. 
Remaining Balance must be paid the day the class starts at registration.

Payment Options: Cash or credit card e-transfer, debit, paypal.

If you wish to make a deposit please text, email or call 778 8211384 Leanne to set up transaction.

The fine print

I ask that students provide their own models if possible. I will assist to the best of our ability but can not guarantee we will be able to secure models for you. If traveling from far, you will be assisted with models if given advanced notice. 

If you have any questions please email or call me or call 778 8211384

This is an entry level course designed for all beauty professionals skill levels. 

Prior to starting the Microblading Training course, we recommend completing the 1 hour online Body Art Bloodborne Pathogens Training Courses. This course is required before you can begin working as a Microblading Technician. click here to take the course. 

You will receive certificate after completion of course.


Your Starter Kit will include everything you need to start working immediately. This Microblading Essentials Training kit contains all the basics any beginner will need to learn the art of Microblading and to start their practice able to service up to 25 clients or more.

The Essentials kit contains:

  • Pigments 5 different colours.

  • box of blades 

  • 1 Wax pencil

  • 1 Surgical marker 

  • Brow Rulers

  • 1 Microblade pen

  • Microbrushes

  • 1 tube of Zensa pre-procedure anesthetic 

  • 1 bottle of Gel Lidocaine 

  • Practice skin

  • Practice head

  • Pigment rings

  • Pigment wands

  • Disposable brow brushes

  • Microblading Carrying Case

5-Day Course Designed to Cover Topics such as: 

  1. Safety & Sterilization

  2. Brow Design

  3. Consultation & Client Evaluation

  4. Color Match and color theory

  5. Multiple microblading techniques

  6. Tools & Products

  7. Skin Structure & natural regeneration

  8. Aftercare & Healing process

  9. Marketing & Business Tips

  10. Hands-on practice on model on day 2

  11. How to do a perfect brow map

  12. Trouble shooting

  13. Contraindications

  14. Live model

  15. You will receive certificate after completion of course

Day 1-2: 10am-4pm/5pm