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Kelowna Microblading Training

Kelowna microblading training programs are surprisingly difficult to come by — despite a population of over 130,000 people, the art of inking finely crafted eyebrows is not a widely explored profession in the Okanagan, despite the massive demand for the service. This makes microblading a highly profitable profession for young aestheticians to explore. There are many opportunities for qualified professionals to move into the microblading industry in Kelowna, given the high population size supplemented by the droves of tourists that flock to the city in the warm summer months. With the right background and tools, it is possible for an aesthetician or existing tattoo artist to set up a successful microblading practice in the Kelowna area. To become an expert microblader, an aspiring artist needs to be determined, knowledgeable, and talented.


For starters though, prospective microblading professionals need to become certified. With microblading as with any career, the proper training and accreditation is necessary. Kelowna microblading training is important for any professional looking to establish a career in cosmetic tattooing. It’s also important for any prospective Kelowna microblader to have a good mentor, someone they can learn from and approach with industry-specific questions. Ink & Arch is proud to introduce our microblading training program. Led by industry titan Leanne Kuhn, these two-day private courses or four-day small class courses are designed to provide up and coming aestheticians with all the tools they need to build and run a microblading salon in the Okanagan.


Leanne Kuhn and the Ink & Arch team is proud to offer this microblading training course for just under $3000, with the private course coming in slightly higher at $3500 but offering the flexibility of not being scheduled for a fixed date. This cost includes a full kit, as well as a certificate of completion recognizing the attendee as having trained under a master. This is a token of quality that very few other microblading practitioners in the local area actually have. Attendees will receive industry-leading training with either small or private class sizes, and be offered the unparalleled opportunity to learn and train on live models. This element of training is crucial, because for feather-stroke brows, no technique is one-model-fits all, so practicing on a variety of real subjects is essential to the learning curve.


As with any Kelowna microblading training course, this Ink & Arch specialty seminar covers all of the required bases for up and coming professionals, as well as offers an ideal venue for less-experienced cosmetic tattoo artists to improve or reinforce their skills. This course will allow aspiring microblading technicians to become highly skilled, sought after professionals in the Okanagan’s microblading industry.


As a beauty practitioner for over ten years and an early adopter of permanent makeup, instructor Leanne Kuhn is truly the preeminent microblading trainer in Kelowna. Leanne is a Certified Microblading Instructor, having studied under internationally recognized microblading expert Monika Ludwiczak. There is truly no comparable course for microblading training in the Okanagan.


Learn more about Ink & Arch’s microblading training course.

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