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Blade and Shade, Powder brows, Ombre brows... what is the difference?

So, you keep hearing all about Microblading. But then you come across something about an ombre brow, what about a blade and shade, then your head starts to spin and you don't know what option you should go for. Well, I am here to tell you what the difference really is.

Shading is a relatively new technique that’s perfect for clients with oily skin.

Yes! Just because your skin is not receptive to hairstrokes, doesn’t mean you can’t wake up with amazeballs eyebrows every morning. Like microblading, it can be performed with a hand tool (not a machine). But unlike microblading, the artist recreates a powder or ombre look instead of individual hairstrokes. If you have your mind set on hairstrokes, you can even talk to your artist about a microblading/shading combo I like to call the "blade & Shade". The artist will draw some hairstrokes, usually around the edges where they’re most visible, then add shading to the body of the brow, giving it a full look that retains a beautiful shape everyday—without any fuss in the morning. I would definitely recommend this to any one who is used to drawing in their brows every morning and really like the look of a more structured brow.

I also like to recommend this to people who come in for their touch up. Most people will come in wanting their brows darker after they have gotten used to their new set of arches this is where I would come in with shading to create more of a powdered brow once healed.

Blade & Shade

All in all , these techniques look amazing no matter your skin type you just have to be ready for a bit of a more dark /dramatic couple of days while the brows do their thing during the healing process—for many it’s personal preference. Many women fill in their brows daily, and a filled-in look is perfect for them, even if they don’t have oily skin.

Shading, powder brows, and ombre eyebrows are all viable options if you have an oily complexion—so do your research and talk to your artist! And if the artist isn’t trained in these techniques, search for someone in your area who is! It is your face after all.

I offer all of the above and if you are not to sure which one to go for feel free to contact me and I can walk you through what will work best for you and your skin type.

xoxo Leanne Kuhn

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