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Best After Care for PMU

Aftercare is an essential part of any permanent makeup procedure, as it can affect the final result and how long it lasts. While there are many aftercare methods out there, dry healing has been gaining popularity as one of the best ways to care for your skin after permanent makeup. Here are some reasons why dry healing is the best aftercare for permanent makeup.

  1. Promotes Natural Healing Dry healing promotes natural healing by allowing the skin to heal on its own, without any external products. This means that the skin's natural healing process can take place without any interference, resulting in healthier, more durable, and more beautiful permanent makeup.

  2. Reduces the Risk of Infection When you use products to aid the healing process, such as creams or ointments, you increase the risk of infection. These products can create a warm, moist environment that bacteria and viruses thrive in. Dry healing, on the other hand, eliminates this risk, as there are no external products to create a breeding ground for germs.

  3. Minimizes Itching and Peeling After permanent makeup, the skin will naturally begin to itch and peel. However, when you use creams or ointments to soothe the skin, you can exacerbate this process, making it more uncomfortable and causing the makeup to flake off prematurely. Dry healing minimizes itching and peeling, as there are no products to create a barrier between the skin and air.

  4. Helps Retain Pigment One of the most significant benefits of dry healing is that it helps retain pigment. When you use products to aid the healing process, they can cause the pigments to become diluted or fade away. Dry healing, on the other hand, allows the pigments to settle into the skin naturally, resulting in a longer-lasting and more vibrant permanent makeup result.

  5. Saves Time and Money Using creams and ointments to aid the healing process can be time-consuming and expensive. We do provide our clients with after care balm to apply when ever the PMU is feeling tight and dry. With dry healing, there are no products to buy, and you won't have to spend time applying them multiple times a day. This saves you time and money and allows you to focus on healing naturally.

In conclusion, dry healing is the best aftercare for permanent makeup, as it promotes natural healing, reduces the risk of infection, minimizes itching and peeling, helps retain pigment, and saves time and money. If you're considering permanent makeup, make sure to discuss the aftercare options with your technician and consider dry healing as your aftercare method.


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